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Care and Washing

How to Wash your Tooshie Trainers


Step one

Rinsing is only necessary if nappy is dirty or urine has a strong smell. The easiest way to rinse your nappies is to hold them in the flush of the toilet or in your laundry tub.


Step two - Dry Pail

Dry pailing is simply placing your nappies in a washing basket until wash day.It is best to choose a basket with a lot of airflow to minimize smells.

Separate inserts and shells before placing in basket.


Step Three - Wash Day

We recommend washing every second day

- Place all nappies in your washing machine and do a rinse cycle to remove away any excess solids or urine.

- Add the recommended amount of laundry powder for your machine and do a long / heavy wash cycle. You can use cold or hot water MAX 50 degrees.

Never use nappy san or fabric softener as this will cause a build up in your nappies and reduce absorbancy.

Step four - Drying your nappies

Line drying is always the best option as the sun will naturally bleach out any stains and kill any nasties. Alternatively place them inside on an airer on cold / wet days.

All our inserts and liners can be placed in the dryer, but our shells cannot as this will damage the PUL (waterproofing layer of the nappy).